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Wed, 2012-04-25 20:25 | by

Georgia owns a pair of lapis lazuli earrings that are one of the prettiest pieces of jewelry I've ever seen.  The first time that I saw her wearing them, I immediately asked who made them.  She informed me that the jeweler in question was Iradj Moini.  I looked him up online, stumbled upon his website, and fell in love.  While I have no personal use for his jewelry, I do find it quite lovely to look at (though I will cop to having tried on a pair of his earrings in-store for the benefit of a friend.  Let's just say that the full beard/gemstones combo was a bit scary).

All of his pieces are impressively scaled, mix stones in an effortless manner, and boast the most gorgeous, saturated colors I've seen in jewelry.  The pieces are hand-made, and Iradj even has some of his work on permanent display in the Louvre!  I bet your local jeweler can't say that.  Now that I am an Iradj cheerlearder of sorts, I recommend him to everyone.  You need earrings for your wedding?  Look up Iradj!  You're looking for a Christmas present for Mom?  Check out Iradj!  Your boyfriend owes you a (very nice) I'm sorry gift?  Send him straight to Iradj!

Check out some of my favorite pieces below, and stop into his Soho shop if you are in the area.  The staff are very friendly, and nothing quite beats seeing these small pieces of art in person!







All images borrowed from

Tue, 2012-04-24 12:50 | by Georgia

Ok ok sorry for another baby post, this is the last one for awhile! However, I would post this regardless of my current condition, because I think it is seriously the coolest chicest baby's room ever! It is from a show house a few years ago in LA.  It was designed by a designer from Windsor Smith's office.  I'm a big believer in baby's are people too, why do they have to look at silly pictures of Thomas the tank engine on their walls and be surrounded have gender specific colors?  Give them chic surroundings early on and hopefully they will carry that with them.  Everything about this room is perfect! 

I'm nuts for the changing tray how cool?  You can take out the pad and turn it into a bar down the road

The wall covering we just recently used on a powder room we did, see image below

Kips Bay Boys and Girls Club Show House
Mon, 2012-04-23 18:25 | by Caroline

I am excited for this year's Kips Bay show house which opens to the public in the beginning of May. What is so great about designers participating in these events is that it gives them an opportunity to take risks and try new things. It allows the designer to design for themselves. If the results are ghastly, it may be embarrassing, but at least it isn't permanent. Below are some of the most interesting rooms from the past two years of the Kips Bay Boys and Girls Club Show Houses.

Before going any further, I cannot forget to mention that this is all for such a great cause! Kips Bay Boys and Girls Club is an organization that serves over 10,000 NYC youth daily. Please check them out here and show your support this year by attending the show house!

Brad Ford's Stereo Lounge for the 2011 Show House 

Campion Platt's Club Room for the 2011 Showhouse

Amanda Nisbet's Playful Bedroom For the 2011 Show House (Love the Minter over the bed!)

Vicente Wolf Den from 2010 Kips Bay Show House

Sitting Room by McMillen Plus for 2010 Show House

Living Room By Sherrill Canet Interiors For 2010 Show House

Aman Carson for 2010 Show house. Isn't this room just stunning?!

All photos from the 2011 Show House are by Talis Lin.

All photos from the 2010 Show House except for Aman Carson (habitually chic) are by Bill Indursky. Found Here

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