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Each month when I purchase my copy of Vanity Fair, I love arriving at the "My Stuff" section.  VF asks a person of noteworthy status what their favorite things are in the way of beauty, home, clothing, and so on.  As I type this, I wonder - does this make me a voyeur... or just nosey?  I am always interested in the items that other people feel passionately about.  It is also a great way to be introduced to people, places, and things that you might not be familiar with.

I was inspired to present a similar list of questions to the ladies here at Carolina George.  Aside from my selfish motive of getting answers to burning questions that I've always had (How does Georgia keep her hair so shiny?  Why does Caroline always smell so good?), I hoped that the girls' answers would give our friends and customers a glimpse into their personalities.  Many times, when you purchase a product with a designer's name on it, you don't have any insight into the person behind it.  Not the case here!  When you buy a piece of the CG lifestyle, you will now be sufficiently acquainted with the fabulous minds behind it!

Herewith, a few of Georgia's musings and favorite things.  Come back tomorrow to get to know Caroline.  I enjoyed this blog so much, I may do one for myself next week!


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