Caroline Cummings Rafferty and Georgia Tapert Howe met while studying abroad in Rome, and quickly bonded over their shared love of art and design. During several formative months exploring the city’s museums and architecture, the young pair fantasized about teaming up to share their passions with the world. They went on to pursue their respective interests and careers – Georgia in interior design and Caroline in real estate and post-graduate studies -- but when the opportunity finally arose, the pair fulfilled their decade-long dream by founding Carolina George in January of 2008.

 A bicoastal design firm with offices in New York and Los Angeles, Carolina George offers interior design services for projects large and small, and also produces a line of high quality furniture, colorful fabrics, and home accessories. Named one of Elle Décor’s 2012 Rising Stars and Firms to Watch, Carolina George’s approach to interior design is one of thoughtful editing and modern comfort. Caroline and Georgia believe that good design begins with an understanding of who the client is and how they live, work, and play.  The firm’s recent projects include a Tribeca townhouse for a young family, a Greenwich Village pre-war renovation, a duplex apartment in West Hollywood, a condo in Washington D.C., and a Palm Beach house for a young bachelor.

 The pair bring unique experiences to their partnership, with Georgia a veteran of both the production and retail arms of interior design. She honed her craft working for interior design luminaries such as David Easton, Mica Ertegun and Haynes-Robers before opening Georgia Tapert Living, her own home accessories boutique, in downtown Manhattan. Prior to Carolina George, Caroline, studied Art History and Architecture at a post-graduate level before opening her own boutique real estate development and construction company . She approaches interior and furniture design with a love of the arts, an intuitive business sense, and her unique first hand experiences with many aspects of creating the built environment. Caroline and Georgia’s comprehensive backgrounds in the field of design, coupled with their artful attention to detail, are harnessed at Carolina George for the benefit of their clients.

 In addition to their interior work, Carolina George designs a line of high-end multi-functional furniture, colorfully patterned fabrics, and home accessories. Published in many of the top design magazines and featured on numerous design blogs, Carolina George’s furniture incorporates artful design with convenient features essential to modern living. Carolina George fabrics are featured in the John Rosselli showroom in Manhattan’s Decorating & Design Building, and in the Harbinger showroom in LA.